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Welcome to the Eurovision Versions Wiki

A wiki for listing all recorded versions of entries from the Eurovision Song Contest.

Created by Toby Lior Carmel from The Diggiloo Thrush .

This Wiki is a longterm project spanning several years.

A new Eurovision Year will be added approximately once a month.

This gives you one month to focus on one year by making corrections/additions to the information.

This month's Focus Year is: 1989 (September 2014)

Previously completed years (You can still help update them!): 1997 - 1998 - 1999 - 1970 - 1960 - 1961

For the recent changes, check the Latest Updates page! Changes and additions in the Focus Year page are not included until a new Focus Year is started.

Please use the comments box to add information, such as missing versions or corrections. You must always quote a source for a version that you wish to add, or give as many details about the version as possible. ("I found it on Soulseek" does not constitute a source). Also make sure that the version you wish to add is not homemade/fanmade, and is sung by the original artist and not a cover version.

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Many thanks to The Baby Baby Eurovision Collectors Guide and to my co-webmasters at my other site The Diggiloo Thrush!

Special thanks to all contributors on this website and in particular Nigel Hall and Jan Götz, collector specialists!

What can you find here?

This Wiki aims to list all known Versions on entries from the Eurovision Song Contest, and their releases/sources.

A "Version" is a track (song) which:

- has been officially recorded, and/or

- has been officially released, and/or

- has been officially sanctioned

by the artist(s) who originally peformed the song at the Eurovision Song Contest

(or were about to do so before their song got disqualified/withdrawn).

Examples of Versions listed in this Wiki are:

- Studio recording of the Eurovision entry

- Alternate versions of the song recorded the same year (such as acoustic versions)

- Newer versions of the same song, recorded in later years

- Remixes, both current and new, so long as they were officially sanctioned/released

- Alternate language versions sung by the same recording artist

- Karaoke or Instrumental versions of the original playback of a Version

- Demo versions, whether officially released or leaked.

Examples of things which are NOT Versions listed in this Wiki are:

- The song recorded by other artists (cover versions)

- Unofficial remixes, bootleg versions, live recordings not appearing on official releases

- Homemade remixes or fan versions, including fan edits and fan mashups.

- Hearsay versions for which there is no proof, or no source

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